Web Design & Security

Whether you need a new website or redesign your old one, I can design an efficient, user friendly website to attract customers and according to your business needs.

affordable website maintenance florida

Some of my Projects

and templates you can choose from

Some of my work (Security)

Protect your site from hackers

Mitigating Cyber Attacks

Whether you manage a personal or business website, I can help you protect your site by making an assessment and improve the security posture if necessary.

These are some actual report pictures on how I’ve been able to mitigate and block some of the most common cyber-attacks on some of my clients’ websites. I use a bundle of software, technologies, tactics and techniques to keep these websites secure. Most of these features are available to protect your site included in the Full Protection Maintenance Plan.

IP addresses blocked trying to get access to my website

Attacks blocked

Brute force attacks blocked

Keeping your site clean!

Banned (fake) users that tried to login

Blocked harmful bots

Finding Vulnerabilities (Burp Suite)

Finding Vulnerabilities on a Website

Do not use weak passwords!!

Leaked Databases

List of Leaked Passwords

Security Report for my Website

I can secure your WordPress Website also.

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